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      • 所有帖子類型
      • 自定義顏色
      • 自定義圖像
      • Disqus 評論
      • 高分辨率
      • 本地化
      • 標簽

      Visit the official Paper Theme blog for updates and to figure out how to use this theme. Have questions? Send me a tweet or just an email.

      With great readability its perfect for writers. Not a single pixel has been overlooked. Paper offers a extremely easy to read and fun to navigate experience. Just take a look for yourself!

      Paper has tonnes of cool features from keyboard controls to Instagram feeds. It has been built with simplicity and performance in mind while still offering a sleek and premium feel. With a fully customizable header, easy to change fonts, and integration with social feeds Paper is truly a unique Tumblr theme.

      Paper Supports:

      • All post types on all devices

      • Responsive design

      • High performance and speed

      • Customizable header background and image

      • Social and email links

      • Instagram feed

      • Disqus comments

      • Keyboard controls

      • Display recent posts

      • Sleek animations

      • Random post link

      • Code highlighting

      • Drop caps

      • And more...

      Developed by Brickspace Lab

      主題支持: hello@brickspacelab.com