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      Minelienda is a minimalistic, customisable, responsive, fluid grid, full width tumblr theme for your blogs.

      Some features on Minelienda:

      • 500px and Instagram integration.
      • Minimalistic, even with every feature turned on.
      • Sidebar with custom content areas. Can be switched on/off.
      • Blogs I Follow and Posts I like for primary blog(s).
      • Content Slider with 3 slides. Can be switched on/off.
      • Footer area with one custom content area, four custom links and credit area. Can be switched on/off.
      • HiRes and Retina ready.
      • Tons of color options. 
      • Tag based navigation. Can be switched on/off.
      • Twitter integration.
      • Full and fluid width design.
      • Responsive. Works like a charm on all devices.
      • Code highlighting.
      • More about the features here.

      Support portal with tutorial videos: https://minelienda.uservoice.com/

      Support email: support@minelienda.com

      主題支持: support@minelienda.com